Proprietor of the Chocolate Factory, Jesse founded Generations Beyond in 1999 while working out of his mom's basement. In addition to a love for digital marketing, he wields black belts in both martial arts and Photoshop. His ultimate corporate related goal is to surpass the managerial level of competency of Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka. His personal goal is to maintain pristinely white furniture, outdoors, in New York. Some would say this is an impossibility, but Jesse dares to dream.

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After Brendan gets home from a long day of creating cutting-edge digital design of all facets, he likes to kick back and create cutting edge digital design for fun. Notably, his own virtual pinball machine, "Junkyard Cats" features design, programming, characters, voiceover and music all completely original to Brendan's creative mind. Brendan is also an Eagle Scout, so you know he's always prepared.
While in college, Anthony turned his after hours hobby of creating and selling simple, medically based apps via the iTunes Store into a code writing skill set now capable of destroying worlds. When he's not hunched over the keyboard creating mind blowing code, he's out in the field saving lives. Anthony is one of the youngest Ambulance Chiefs ever to be installed in Suffolk County, and currently manages many volunteers in his community, as well as 250 million lines of code for the clients of Generations Beyond.
When not wrangling reptiles, Florence creates content for our clients with her writing and photography talents. Author of two published short story collections, available on Amazon and the iBook store, and contributor to a collection to be released in fall of 2013, Florence has also had her photography published and her coverage of the Kong Off 2011 went viral, surprising only those who were unaware that such an event even exists.
Project Management with a smile (and probably a giggle or two) is how Jo-Anne rolls. She uses her organizational powers and 15 years of Marketing experience to make sure your project gets done correctly and on time. An avid reader, Jo-Anne always has a book, or her newly acquired Kindle in hand. She has most recently discovered the works of Stephen King's son, Joe Hill (OMG, so scary!). Other interests include playing anything Super Mario Bros., watching Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and most recently, Dr. Who.
Harry Scheiner doesn't realize it, but he was hired due to his voice's uncanny resemblance to Dr. Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters (may he rest in peace). His masterful programming skills, however, were definitely a strong selling point as well. Harry is actually the son of the guy at the beginning of The Graduate who tells Dustin Hoffman to strongly consider "plastics" as a career path, which is evidenced by Harry's recently unearthed collection of those red sticks you get in Kraft Cheese and Cracker packages.
A published author who writes both books and comics, our resident social media whiz, Lisa, is an advocate for indie artists everywhere. On a good day, Lisa will put down her smart phone long enough to discuss her eight years marketing experience or who would win in an ultimate showdown of Jedi vs. Wizards (hint: Jedi).
Lights, camera, COREY! When Corey isn't shooting our clients (don't worry, he's doing it with a video camera!) He's doing all sorts of things that the rest of the staff at Generations Beyond have trouble comprehending. Strange things, like participating in team sports and going to something he calls "parties."
Justin Savello is friends with the son of Brendan's preschool teacher. That's how he got the job of junior designer at Generations Beyond (although, his clean design portfolio sealed the deal). Justin's favorite song is Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". Also, he doesn't want to intrude, but he would like Chinese food for lunch. Yee!
Growing up, Adam's mother would always tell him "don't talk to strangers." Knowing Adam, we can say that he is better at his job than he is at listening to his mom. Here at GB, Adam holds the title "Premier Go-Getter," and boy, has he earned it. Don't leave Adam alone, he will probably talk to strangers and make new friends.